Ipe' natural ironwood

Ipè is a hardwood from Brazilian rainforests, of course from cultivated forests, that has garnered lots of attention in the past decade or so because of his hardness and his weather resistance. Some compare its strength to that of steel. The oil is water-repellent: for this reason the Ipè-wood cannot get water-soaked and it cannot rot or deform significantly as the other wood do, if left outside. The oiliness gives to the wood also another particular feature: the softness wich makes pleasant to touch. Thanks to its features of beauty, durability and resistance, Ipè-wood is excellent if used in nautical sector, in luxury building industry and in prestigious furniture. Our Ipè-wood has a quality standard fixed by FEQ (First European Quality Standard). Torofosco recommends the natural aging of the wood - if left outside the continuous exposure to sun and weather conditions may cause cracks and discharge of Ipè-wood color wich turns in dark-gray, the aged-wood look, a natural great vintage color. If necessary, yuo can preserve beauty using specific oli-treatments, also by Torofosco.

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