Stanze di legno: italian mood at your home

All over the world the thought of designing Italian style patios maybe daunting for most people, however if a few guidelines are followed you can easily suggest a strong Italian theme in your garden. You should aim to create a shaded patio area near the house, where you can sit and dine 'al fresco' on summers evenings, or enjoy a coffee and fresh brioche in the mornings, with easy access to the house and all its amenities. With Torofosco you can create an oasis with this multi-faceted room divider and define private, undisturbed spaces for breezy relaxation. A regular pattern structure made up of ipè wooden slats, Stanze di Legno could hardly be more natural with its logical and unobtrusive design. Italian mood hades is most easily achieved using a simple pergola, made from wood or wrought iron or modern stailess stell above as Torofosco suggest in his Elements Collection (structures and other elements available in customized versions), with a strong structure at the sides, which can then have vines, roses and classic, scented plants grown over it. The styling of the floor will say a lot so you can use for a regular paving effect rectangular sandstone panels in combination with Wooden Panel Floor by Torofosco - so easy to use and mantain. With wooden pavings panels you can create contemporary paths that accompany the walk in the garden. You can also use Italian-style furnishing, yet colorful italian features, like rusted iron chandeliers and candle holders will instantly suggest an Italian ambience and colorful bowls of fruit add a homely, Mediterranean touch. You can mix those with contemporary pots and vases. With italian garden style structure plants like Buxus sempervirens, Cupressus semprevirens, Nerium oleander, Myrtus communis, Taxus baccata... and a contemporary touch with bamboo you can create a very chic environment for dining al fresco that will suggest and portray the very best of Italian style.

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